Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hope Cake

Let Them Eat Hope!

In anticipation of President Elect Obama's Inauguration The Night Kitchen Bakery will be offering the Hope Cake during Inauguration Week (Sunday January 18th through Sunday January 25th). The edible Hope plaque is made of Fondant Icing and can be added to several sized cakes for an additional $10.00.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Buy Fresh Buy Local

We support local Lancaster farmers through the Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op. We now buy all of our liquid dairy from them! Not only does the dairy travel less saving energy but it is also hormone free!

Buy Fresh
Buy Local

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Night Kitchen on Comcast On Demand

We were chosen by Comcast on Demand for Best of the City!! To view the 4 minute segment click on

Comcast On Demand then
Get Local then
Best of the City then
Dining and Food then
PHL Night Kitchen

Enjoy. We had fun making it. Amy rocks.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Night Kitchen Bakery

Germantown Ave is open!

Construction is finished!

We are hosting a

Block Party Celebration!

Join us at the

Night Kitchen on Saturday

December 6th

between 12 pm and 3pm

for cake and live music!

Ribbon Cutting

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thanksgiving Newsletter 2008

Subject: Thanksgiving menu and activities!
Night Kitchen Bakery
Thanksgiving menu
ng deadline is next Friday November 21st!
Call (215)248-9235 to place your order for pick up on Wednesday November 27th

All pies feed 6 to 8 people and are $22
Double crust apple pie
Apple crumb pie
Pumpkin pie
Pecan pie

Tarts feed 6-8 people and are $20
Cherry crumb tart
Chocolate Chess tart
Blueberry almond tart
Chocolate pecan tart

In addition we will have cheesecakes, pumpkin pound cake and our signature menu items!

Green Friday in Chestnut Hill !

Join us for a spectacular tree lighting ceremony on the Hill next Friday November 21st at 5:00 at Germantown and West Highland Avenues.
The trees will be lit using energy efficient LED lightbulbs that are more Earth friendly!
The Mummers will be on hand as well as cookies and cider and shops will be open late!
Fall Cake

Germantown Avenue Parents.....
Check out
Looking for fun activities for you and the kids in and around Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy?
Meet the website's creator, Charline Barger,
on Green Friday, the 21st at the Hill Tea Bar,
6 E. Hartwell Lane, from 5:00-8:00pm. Enjoy local story teller Annie Hart and expect fun surprises!

Fall Cake

NightKitchenBakery Double Crust Apple Pie
November cake of the month winners:
please call the Chestnut Hill shop, this month, to claim your 6" cake!

and visit our website for new cake designs at

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Germantown Avenue Construction Information

Germantown Ave. construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of November!

To celebrate the reopening of Germantown Ave. there will be a RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY on Friday December 5th at 10:00am at the Germantown and Cresheim Ave. intersection.

and that's not all!

Many businesses from Willow Grove Ave. in Chestnut Hill to Nippon St. in Mt. Airy will participate in a BLOCK PARTY on Saturday December 6th from 12:00-3:00!

Stop by the Night Kitchen for yummy treats!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama cookies win!!

Though we still have iced Obama cookies, the official count was in Monday--
1640 Obama to 340 McCain cookies! I dare to say cookies sales are the new bellwether in American politics-don't we wish!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chestnut Hill's Fall For The Arts Festival

On Sunday October 12, 2008 The businesses of Chestnut Hill set up shop on the Hill to celebrate the rich heritage and life that is Chestnut Hill. The weather was fantastic as well as the turnout. Many residents and visitors came out to enjoy the food, the art, the crafts and the people. We at The Night Kitchen set up right in front of the Cat Clinic which we love since we take our cats there.

There were restaurants, bakeries, wood workers, crafts people, and many others celebrating all that is Chestnut Hill. We sold scones, muffins, sticky buns, cookies, cake and the always popular bottled water for the stroll up and down the Hill.

Having worked as chefs ourselves for many years Amy and I (John) were pleased to see Jan Wilson (a former employer(of John's) and friend) celebrating her 16th year in business with Cafette
The Food Service Industry is not kind to new entrepreneurs so we know how amazing this accomplishment is.

Cheers to Jan!

We at the Night Kitchen love Cafette and eat there as often as we can, usually for Fried Chicken Friday. Jan said that she is running a special which gets school children free food during the week for dinner. For further details (and clarification) on how to get some of this wonderful food skillfully designed and fabricated by Executive Chef John McGlaughlin call and inquire at 215-242-4220.

The grilled sausage sandwich from Cafette was fantastic btw.

From All the business owners and us here at The Night Kitchen Bakery we thank you for turning out and sharing the afternoon with us. We love Chestnut Hill as well as Mt Airy, Germantown and all of our neighbors and we are pleased to be a part of this wonderful community. I will finish up with a few photos of the festival. See you at the bakery.

This is looking up the avenue from
our stand.

Peri takes a break after a fine job of
setting up the stand. We are displaying the reusable Green Shopping Bags which can be found at most any shop in Chestnut Hill.

A Gymnastics group performed for the crowd which was amazing to see and a live reminder of the beauty of youth and all things new.

No Fall For The Arts Festival
would be complete without live music.
Sorry for not getting the bands name.
Maybe a poster can fill us in on that
one and I can edit this later.

This train
runs at every
Festival and
is a hit for
Children of all

John and Mansura bid everyone Peace and Good Day from The Fall For The Arts Festival in Chestnut Hill.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Freedom Garden at The Night Kitchen

Amy and I decided that we wanted to work on making the bakery more environmentally friendly. We do not believe we will save the world per se but we do see a benefit in the appreciation of life in general from the learning that this “Green” project will bring.

We bought some plastic pots for our first foray into our backyard flora project. We purchased some organic composted soil and some plants from the local farmers market down the street and set about planting.

Our staff helped us water and tend to the plants as the season progressed. Sarah Milici and Aires Thode were diligent gardeners and instrumental in nurturing the project along.Time passed and we found our potential bounty flourishing.

After starting on June 5 and finding burgeoning bounty by July 17th we started harvesting our crop according to the schedule of the ripening vegetables. Amy used peppers, tomatoes and herbs in her soups. Alex Kujawa used the mint to make Ganache with essence of chocolate mint. John used the tomatoes, peppers, herbs and nasturtium flowers on his daily pizzas. We were all having fun with the discovery of what our labor was reaping. All through August and well into September we harvested. We let the cilantro go to seed and experimented with crushed green coriander seeds for soups, finely chopped nasturtium flowers and herbs (fleck) for pizza as well as red and white tomatoes for sandwiches.

We are very pleased with our first ever Night Kitchen garden and we will most definitely do another one next year. Hopefully we will have some beds built and demote the plastic containers to use for flowers and some aggressively invasive herbs like the mint (boy does it spread). We are already talking about beets, potatoes, turnips and many other possibilities. Problem is we are natural veggie lovers and our appetite will quickly monopolize our limited space. So, until next year we hope you all have fun with your own backyard gardens.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Amy Prepares Flourless Chocolate Cake

Here is a site with Amy demonstrating how to make our Flourless Chocolate Cake.

It is at the Keller's Creamery website. Click on the title of this post to go to the site. Then just click on the link for the streaming video and when it is finished checking the download speed and buffering you will be able to watch Amy explain the process we use for making our luscious cake.

The recipe for our Flourless Chocolate Cake as well as for our Russian Tea Cookies can be found here.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall For The Arts Festival in Chestnut Hill

Sunday, October 12, 2008
11:00am - 5:00pm
Chestnut Hill-Northwest Philadelphia
8000-8700 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA

Come Join us at the festival for good food, fun and hopefully wonderful weather.
Thanks to Kate O'Neill for providing the pertinent information on the Event page on Facebook (linked to by the title of this post)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sarah Milici Starring in "The Do's And Don'ts Of Time Travel"

The Night Kitchen's Sarah Milici will be performing in The Do's And Don'ts of Time Travel
at The Playground at the Adrienne.

Sarah has been the Morning Manager at The Night Kitchen for two years. She is a favorite with our customers as well as staff. Amy and I think the world of Sarah and we wish her well. We know she will do a wonderful job since we already saw her perform in other plays including The Importance of Being Ernest.

You can find information about the run of this play here:

We wish Sarah the best and hope that all who read this enjoy the pleasure of this wonderful performance both by Sarah as well as by her fellow players.

Bears On Parade In Chestnut Hill

Live Animals visit Zoo2!
Sat., Oct. 4th - 11am-1pm

3000 BC spa front 2

The Bears of Chestnut Hill's New Public Art Project Zoo2 welcome live animals from the Elmwood Zoo. Learn about the animals and artifacts from the zoo's docents who will be on hand to abzoolutly answer questions. FREE.
Visit the Tent outside
O'Doodle's, 8335 Germantown Ave
11am - 1pm
Don't forget to VOTE for your Favorite Bear!

Go Green Window Contest

Go GREEN Window Contest! mayorbag
October 4th through October 12th
Chestnut Hill Businesses will be featuring the New Chestnut Hill Green Tote in their Windows.
Vote for you favorite window and you will be entered to win a $100 Chestnut Hill Goodie Bag!!!
Experience Chestnut Hill's "Walkability"
Mayor Nutter with Tote!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ancho Honey Paste

Hello Friends.
(Please read whole post before trying to make this)

As you may or may not know Amy and I both worked as line cooks and chefs in various capacities in restaurants for many years before running the bakery. Amy has worked in hotels, for Euro Disney, ran her own business catering lunches to corporate clients, and was a successful chef at Pollo Rosso. She has dined at some of the finest restaurants with some of the most cutting edge chefs of our time. I have worked in many restaurants, ran a catering business and plated over a million meals over the years. During this time we have learned from many fine chefs. We have incorporated some of their ideas and created many dishes ourselves.

I decided to share some of our cooking ideas on this blog. I wont follow any logical order as this is not a school but feel free to ask questions if you want to know how to cook something. If we do not know the answer we can direct you to resources that will most certainly be helpful.

Since I already have photos and information about this handy condiment on flickr I will start with Ancho Chili / Honey glaze. I will use glaze and paste interchangeably. First a bit of my history behind this recipe.

When working in Florida at Cafe Max in Pompano I learned about Ancho/Honey glaze from a talented chef by the name of Mennan Tekeli. Mennan hailed from Turkey and he inspired me with his well rounded knowledge of food and his tenacious work ethic. I forget the exact method that we used in the restaurant but basically the idea is you take Ancho chili peppers (dried pablanos) and rehydrate them by putting them in a pot with either water or wine or a combination. You want to slow simmer them until they are soft. You can put some chopped onion or halved cloves of garlic in the mix if you like but that is up to you. Once the peppers are soft you put them in a strainer (any kind will do and you do not have to freak your baker out by using her flour sifter like we did). Just use a wooden spoon or a plastic spatula and press the peppers through the sieve. Keep pressing and you will end up with the stems, seeds and firmer parts of the pepper in the strainer with the pulp from the body of the pepper coming through the strainer as a spicy paste. Because the peppers have been dried even after being softened by your simmering process they will be hotter then a pablano so be cautious with tasting.

Throw away the detritus or maybe add it to your compost heap if that works (I am a bit behind on my compost research). Scrape the paste off the bottom of your strainer and reserve in a metal bowl. Now you have a big bunch of paste. Pour honey into it and whip with a whisk until you get the right combination of sweet/hot that you want. When you taste it you will first get the sweet and then the heat will creep up on you and linger. The photos below will give you an idea of how I made it one day. Remember, cooking is about You. You decide what you are looking for and most of the time if it comes out wrong you will have learned something and generally you can fix it.

Why make this stuff you ask? I like the flavor pure and simple. Since this paste can be frozen I generally split the paste into three portions freezing two and only adding the honey to one. Once made this will last for several weeks in your frig. I think it will last longer since honey never goes bad but I rarely have it after several weeks.

I brush it on grilled chicken or fish. I put it into tomato sauce to give it a kick. I mix it with mayo to make another spread for burgers or hot dogs. I put it into BBQ sauce as a secret ingredient :-). I also add it to my corn fritter batter. Basically you can use this any way you like and you are only limited by your imagination. I have never done it before but I bet you could find a way to make sorbet with it. Hey, I have made avocado sorbet and have enjoyed Chocolate Pineapple Ice Cream by the very accoumplished pastry chef James Barret.

Food is for eating and you are the one who decides what is worth eating so use your imagination. Do not be afraid to mess up a dish. Keep trying and Bon Appetite!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beth Edelman Appreciation Dinner at Zahav

Beth Edelman or "Mother" as she is known to Night Kitchen staff has retired from the world of retail baked goods. Beth is a wonderfully generous and hard working person who is always willing to lend a helping hand or opinion. We will miss her but wish her luck in her new endeavor of working for the Barack Obama campaign. (voter registration forms are available at the bakery)
We celebrated Beth at a dinner for her at Zahav Restaurant in Old City. The food was beyond amazing and our server Zach was the most professional and gracious guy.
The title to this post will get you to a set of photos of that dinner on flickr. We love Beth, wish her well and know that we will see her often as she has a standing order for cake anytime she wants. Hey, Mom Rules!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Election Confections

Night Kitchen Bakery political cookies are back!

Kicking off the Democratic National Convention this week our iced shortbread Obama and McCain cookies are now available. Choose the Sweeter Leader by casting your vote with a cookie purchase. The winner will be evident in November.

For more information contact Amy Edelman at or by calling the Chestnut Hill shop at 215-248-9235.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Peri's wedding cake!

Our lovely Pastry Chef Peri (formerly Abramsky) Anderson pipes a bit of decor on her 7 tiered wedding cake at her wedding! She decorated each tier at the Night Kitchen and John and I drove it to her reception site in New Rochelle, NY on Saturday August 9th. The dress (and cake) were fabulous. We had a great time and all the girls swooned when hubby Brian performed a new song that he wrote for her. So romantic! More pictures will follow soon......

Sunday, August 17, 2008

"green" ideas we are implementing at the bakery

By recycling we have reduced our garbage from 8 to 6 cans per week! Plus the City of Philadelphia is now taking cardboard with the rest of the recycling. Kudos to Mayor Nutter for making "green" initiatives a priority.
We have stopped using plastic bags. Yes, there is controversy about paper vs. plastic but plastic bags, biodegradable or not, choke marine life. Plastic is also a petroleum by-product and we are trying to get the oil monkey off our back.
We planted a garden this year with heirloom tomatoes, herbs and peppers. John has been using the bounty for pizza toppings this summer. The most beautiful of the lot are the Slow Food( Ark of Taste heirloom tomatoes. Some of these varieties are prized for their beauty and taste and were near extinction. We need to grow them and eat them to save them! Irony can be delicious.
Laurel Hill Gardens in Chestnut Hill will be building raised veggie beds for us for the next spring planting. In addition to veggies and herbs we will plant native plants and flowers to attract bees and bugs. Bugs are good food for baby birds in the spring.
And lastly we are saving coffee grounds for gardeners who want them for their alkaline loving flowers like Hydrangea. Just ask!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We get many questions about our cakes, cookies, pies, tarts and other treats at The Night Kitchen. Most often the questions are about the taste or the ingredients but sometimes a person will ask about how we get our ideas. The answer to this is many layered. Some recipes came with the bakery and we had the good sense to keep them. Some recipes were gathered over years of trial and error from working at the many jobs we held previous to owning the bakery. Not often but sometimes we find ourselves at a loss and we must call on an expert even more knowledgeable then us in the world of sweets. Pictured here are our favorite consultants and they have never steered us wrong.

John wonders about low flow

Tonight I watched a cable channel about refitting ones house so that one uses less energy and I noticed that a solution that came up was to get rid of your old toilet and replace it with a low flow toilet. It seems to me that one can take a water bottle of an appropriate volume (one quart or one gallon) , fill it with water and put it in the water hold tank at the back of the toilet to displace said volume of water thus turning your toilet into a low (less) flow model without the waste of putting your old toilet in a landfill or the energy needed to transport it to another location for reuse. Any thoughts on this idea are welcome.


Ok, me again. I left one comment but I figured I would continue the experiment in thought here. Ok, so, I put some Gatorade bottles in the holding tank and we have some issues with buoyancy. I believe the bottles move about a bit because they are not tall enough to support a significant mass of water above the refill line to keep the bottles stationary. This photo shows a most general working situation with a buoyant bottle becoming lodged in the flow hole (happened once with countless gallons lost) only once but that is bad enough. I figure that replacing the 3 right bottles with one plastic half gallon of water will solve this problem.

Then, I thought "mmmm, bricks?". I am taking a certain amount of water out of the cycle of nature and that water might be needed in some way beyond my mind. A brick allows that water to go on it's merry little way. But, a brick? Even if clean wont it have sediment gradually released from it? And what of the energy to make a brick? Is it more then the energy to make the bottle or clean the water to tap specs?

Well, I like my water bottle idea so I will continue with that for a while. Besides a brick I have not.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How The Cookie Crumbles

Check out How the Cookie Crumbles website for home bakers. Chef Eileen mentions the Night Kitchen cakes she ordered for her son's graduation party!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

2008 Chestnut Hill Garden Festival Photos

I will admit that I do not read the Local as diligently as my wife Amy does. Today I had some extra time before delivering a cake to Morris Arboretum so I decided to check it out online. This is one page I found and it is great. There are wonderful photos of people enjoying the festival and even a photo of the cake we donated to the Local. I know I had a great time since it was my Birthday. I hope everyone else enjoyed themselves as well.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Amy Joins Les Dames

Recently Amy was invited to join a prestigious group of women known as

Les Dames d'Escoffier International

This is an invite only group which recognizes women of distinction who have
positively contributed to their community at large as well as the community
that is made up of food service professionals.

An Amazing Invention for making water Potable

I found this from my sister Angela's Shared Reader page and thought it was amazing. We are in the process of adopting a girl from Guatemala and even in the nice Westin hotel there one is unable to drink the tap water. So, straw huts aside this kind of invention if made in large enough quantities and sizes could have wonderful benefits today in places like Guatemala. Since it seems that plastics in general are derived from petroleum then I think that the making of this product in large quantities would be a vital hedge against bad water which is in all of our futures.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Transportation Options

Amy and I would love to carpool more often but with me having to get home for my two boys and the animals (one cat and one dog) and her having to do closeup duties at work we often do not get to contribute in the car pool sense. So, transportation is a topic on our minds. We love living in Bala Cynwyd where we can walk to many places like the theatre, restaurants, Murrays, etc. Amy used to have a scooter when young and working downtown and we have often thought romantically of having one again. They are a bit pricey tho and we have yet to find good info on them until I found this link which is brought to us by Metaefficient. I like the idea of the moped going electric and these are cool and the ratings for distance on them would make most of them a viable option for getting to and from work. It would not be carpooling for Amy and I but it would be a lighter way to live then using both cars each day.

Green Clean

I have been having fun with my Google Reader page and collecting blog sites to read. So far it has been about a month of collecting and getting familiar with the process (learning curve thing). Amy and I have always had the environment on our mind but have only recently become more active in doing more then we did about it. Amy got some biodegradable cleaning materials for work just the other day so I have not had time to look into them but I trust her judgment. So, when I found this article and pitch for a product from a fellow blogger I thought I should share it here. It is not easy being Green and I do not think of ourselves as people who will save the world but doing a little bit more at a time makes us feel better about ourselves and more appreciative of life in general. So, enjoy the article about the product with the name based on an old Iroquoi saying:

“In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Commentary: What does it mean to go green?

Amy comments on going and being Green. The making of this article was the impetus for us starting the blog. I really liked what she did with the article and I should know since she cut out a bunch of drivel that I thought would be good :-).

Night Kitchen Workers

Amy talks about some of our wonderful staff who help us make the wonderful treats that we do.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tree Hugger

This is a great website that has info about everything from ways to save energy in your home to the latest trends in home improvement, sources for organics, heirloom seeds, world controversies and politics, alternative energy--just about every topic you can think of!


Hello from the Night Kitchen Bakery. Amy Edelman and John Millard run a from scratch artisan bakery in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia. We use all natural ingredients (no transfats) and love being a part of our community. We decided to start a blog to facilitate communication on all subjects food related such as cooking, growing vegetables and herbs, composting, recycling and healthy living. We hope you join us on this learning process and come back from time to time to say hello. The idea is that this blog (our first) will be informal and fun so contribute ideas, links and comments or just read and enjoy.
Amy and John (Apuch)