Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chestnut Hill's Fall For The Arts Festival

On Sunday October 12, 2008 The businesses of Chestnut Hill set up shop on the Hill to celebrate the rich heritage and life that is Chestnut Hill. The weather was fantastic as well as the turnout. Many residents and visitors came out to enjoy the food, the art, the crafts and the people. We at The Night Kitchen set up right in front of the Cat Clinic which we love since we take our cats there.

There were restaurants, bakeries, wood workers, crafts people, and many others celebrating all that is Chestnut Hill. We sold scones, muffins, sticky buns, cookies, cake and the always popular bottled water for the stroll up and down the Hill.

Having worked as chefs ourselves for many years Amy and I (John) were pleased to see Jan Wilson (a former employer(of John's) and friend) celebrating her 16th year in business with Cafette
The Food Service Industry is not kind to new entrepreneurs so we know how amazing this accomplishment is.

Cheers to Jan!

We at the Night Kitchen love Cafette and eat there as often as we can, usually for Fried Chicken Friday. Jan said that she is running a special which gets school children free food during the week for dinner. For further details (and clarification) on how to get some of this wonderful food skillfully designed and fabricated by Executive Chef John McGlaughlin call and inquire at 215-242-4220.

The grilled sausage sandwich from Cafette was fantastic btw.

From All the business owners and us here at The Night Kitchen Bakery we thank you for turning out and sharing the afternoon with us. We love Chestnut Hill as well as Mt Airy, Germantown and all of our neighbors and we are pleased to be a part of this wonderful community. I will finish up with a few photos of the festival. See you at the bakery.

This is looking up the avenue from
our stand.

Peri takes a break after a fine job of
setting up the stand. We are displaying the reusable Green Shopping Bags which can be found at most any shop in Chestnut Hill.

A Gymnastics group performed for the crowd which was amazing to see and a live reminder of the beauty of youth and all things new.

No Fall For The Arts Festival
would be complete without live music.
Sorry for not getting the bands name.
Maybe a poster can fill us in on that
one and I can edit this later.

This train
runs at every
Festival and
is a hit for
Children of all

John and Mansura bid everyone Peace and Good Day from The Fall For The Arts Festival in Chestnut Hill.

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