Tuesday, October 9, 2012

President Obama Slipping in One Philadelphia Suburb

By Victor Fiorillo
At least according to 7-Eleven’s surprisingly accurate Presidential Coffee Cup Poll.

On the eve of the first Election 2012 debates in Denver, Colorado, and with the actual election mercifully just over one month away, all of the pundits, politicos and pollsters are making their predictions. National Journal, a “nonpartisan” Washington news magazine, has the race tied at 47-percent among likely voters. Yesterday, the Rasmussen Report said the incumbent has a one-point edge. Real Clear Politics is more generous, giving Obama a four-point lead nationwide, which, according to PolicyMic.com, means that the President “can afford to relax these next five weeks.”

But who cares what Rasmussen thinks when 7-Eleven is making predictions? That’s right. Even retailers are getting in on this seemingly never-ending presidential election process. MORE