Sunday, June 22, 2008

Transportation Options

Amy and I would love to carpool more often but with me having to get home for my two boys and the animals (one cat and one dog) and her having to do closeup duties at work we often do not get to contribute in the car pool sense. So, transportation is a topic on our minds. We love living in Bala Cynwyd where we can walk to many places like the theatre, restaurants, Murrays, etc. Amy used to have a scooter when young and working downtown and we have often thought romantically of having one again. They are a bit pricey tho and we have yet to find good info on them until I found this link which is brought to us by Metaefficient. I like the idea of the moped going electric and these are cool and the ratings for distance on them would make most of them a viable option for getting to and from work. It would not be carpooling for Amy and I but it would be a lighter way to live then using both cars each day.


Rosalind said...

Hi Guys from your neighbor across the driveway. Cool blog. Love the cake slideshow. Every blog should have one.

Apuch said...

Thanks Roz. So happy you joined us for dinner the other night.
Amy and John