Saturday, August 30, 2008

Election Confections

Night Kitchen Bakery political cookies are back!

Kicking off the Democratic National Convention this week our iced shortbread Obama and McCain cookies are now available. Choose the Sweeter Leader by casting your vote with a cookie purchase. The winner will be evident in November.

For more information contact Amy Edelman at or by calling the Chestnut Hill shop at 215-248-9235.


Michael said...
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Apuch said...

Here is the first cookie sale count to date. Keep in mind that we live in a relatively liberal section of Philadelphia where Obama signs outnumber McCain signs by ten to one.

Obama Cookies sold = 288
McCain Cookies sole = 59

Apuch said...

Obama cookies sold = 621
McCain cookies sold = 178

Apuch said...

Obama cookies sold = 785
McCain cookies sold = 202

Apuch said...

Obama Cookies sold = 1095
McCain Cookies sold = 238

Apuch said...

Obama Cookies sold = 1631
McCain Cookies sold = 364