Monday, March 29, 2010

Weird Waste Day

Second CH Weird Waste Day Aims to Collect 10,000 Pounds - April 10

By Aimee Theriault, HillontheAvenue

Spring cleaning season is officially underway. This year, thanks to CH’s grassroots environmental organization GReenINChestnutHill (Grinch), seasonal house sprucing will extend beyond shaking out curtains, hosing down window screens, and packing away wool turtlenecks.
GRINCH wants you to also consider what electronics you might have outgrown this season. Bring them to the 2nd Weird Waste Day recycling event on Saturday, April 10 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Valley Green Bank parking lot on West Highland Avenue.

Striving to Collect 10,000 Pounds in CH

“At our first Weird Waste Day event we collected 10,000 pounds of electronics – our goal is to match and exceed this collection number in April,” says Amy Edelman, GRINCH member and owner of The Night Kitchen Bakery.

A second Weird Waste Day was scheduled as a result of positive CH feedback.
“After the first event, my inbox got flooded with notes of thanks and questions about when GRINCH planned to host a second Weird Waste Day,” says Edelman who was thrilled that the community wanted another opportunity to positively impact the environment.

GRINCH members also use time at Weird Waste Day to educate community members about what happens to electronics that aren’t responsibly recycled.
“We want to create awareness that any electronics you put out for the garbage man to take is either put in landfills and pollutes soil, or is sent to developing countries and poisons their soil and water,” says Edelman.

40 Cents Per Pound

Hillers and neighbors can bring unwanted electronic items like TVs, computers, cell phones, and more to be responsibly disposed of at a cost of 40 cents per pound. CH residents can pay via cash or checks.

Edelman says about 30 of every 40 cents goes to pay the company hauls the eWaste away.

“The difference is used by GRINCH for future waste reduction efforts like the Christmas tree chipping event, and our efforts to develop a recycling program this year in the Jenks Elementary School playground,” says Edelman.



Anonymous said...

Hillers and other Philly residents can of course drive to Domino Lane and deposit their e-waste for free Mon-Sat during business hours.

chefamy said...

Hi Anonymous--while that is true that you can deposit your e-waste for free, it is more often not handled responsibly. Frontline did a report about electronic waste (including computers that were registered to the Phila. School district)shipped to developing countries. It is often burned and mishandled, poisoning the air and soil.